Greetings, NAMASTE, and thank you for visiting Katrynka Ink!

My Muse, My Beloved, has always been Mother Earth.  Her abundant beauty inspires me in all ways, sublime and serene, her mountains majestic, her oceans ecstatic, her creatures wild, her medicines potent, and her lessons endless. Through faith and devotion, I have learned to use my imagination and intuition to work with what Nature has provided, whether it be pigment, fiber, stones, bones, metal, feathers or shells.  
I have found these Gifts of the Earth to possess physical and spiritual healing qualities, or metaphysical properties, that have a profoundly positive  effect upon one's being...  My free-form, earthly education has been extremely rewarding and I am amazed that the flood of inspiration she blesses me with to co-create objects of healing and beauty is endless.

I am deeply influenced by nature and the metaphysical. In my estimation, one informs the other, and one cannot be without the other, they belong together, they are eternally entangled.  I intend to share that recognition of our interconnectedness, the sense of knowing you belong, through my work.

I am grateful to be a member of the global community of artists/teachers/healers, and I strive to honor my Mother Earth and the Ancestors as I follow this path.  It is my hope that you will remember your own connection to to nature and spirit while interacting with my my artwork.  It is imprinted upon my soul, this need to express myself through the arts... I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with you.

   -Blessed Be

Kathryn Babboni